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If you love boating and live near an exotic vacation spot, ocean, local marina or lake, you may operate a boat rental business. It allows you to share your passion with others as you make a living doing what you love. Whether you rent boats to the local residents or vacationers by the hour, day or week or own a marina and rent boats to guests, know as much as possible about boat rental liability insurance as you protect your business and personal assets.

Necessity of Rental Liability Insurance

If someone who rents a boat from you causes an accident, injures someone or is injured while operating or riding in the watercraft, you are liable for the repair or medical payments. These expenses add up quickly, and you could lose your business and personal assets. With boat rental liability insurance, you decrease your risk and protect your assets since it covers any damages or injuries caused by your watercraft. It also can cover repairs to your watercraft after an accident a renter causes. Boat rental insurance can also improve your business because customers are more likely to rent a boat from a company with liability coverage that protects their personal assets.

The more the risk, the more the cost theory

Every boat rental business is different, and your unique circumstances affect how much liability insurance you need. As your risk increases, your costs increase. For example, at, the size of your fleet cost of your boats and amount of business you do affect your premiums.

Necessity of insurance specialised in boat rental

Specialized insurance agencies provide boat rental liability insurance. When you contact them, provide details about your business, including a copy of the watercraft rental agreement and checkout procedure. You’ll complete an insurance application, which is evaluated by a commercial marine expert, and will receive coverage details after your application is approved. Protect your boat rental business and personal assets with boat rental liability insurance. Contact your insurance agent for more information and a customized quote today.

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